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TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017
8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Richardson Civic Center

411 W. Arapaho Road, Richardson, TX 75080
CEUs offered. $15 registration includes continental breakfast and box lunch.
Kosher and Halal meals available upon request.

Windows to Hope is a nondenominational conference open to all faiths.
    Did you know?
Windows to Hope can equip you to more effectively meet the mental health needs of teens and young adults.

Examine the role of the faith community in caring for youth with mental health needs
Learn to recognize the symptoms of mental illness in teens and young adults
Discover resources in the community for mental health treatment and support
Learn how to respond to and support families with a young person who has mental illness
Keynote - Susan Hawkins Sager CPR in a Mental Health Crisis
Rev. Susan Hawkins Sager

Interfaith Pastoral Care
Past President, New Milestones Foundation

What would you do in a mental health crisis? Most folks wouldn't have a clue. They'd be more likely to know how to respond if someone suddenly collapsed. At the very least, they'd know how to get help. This session uses the popular acronym, CPR, as an easy way to remember how to assist in a mental health crisis. This session also discusses suicide intervention, prevention and postvention.
Creating a Mental Health Action Plan: How to Create a
Network of Support to Encourage Mental Health in Your Community
Plenary - Brad Schwall Plenary - Carrie Davidson Plenary - Nathaniel Strenger
Brad Schwall, D.Min.
Pastoral Counseling Center
Carrie Davidson, Psy.D.
Pastoral Counseling Center
Nathanial Strenger, Psy.D.
Pastoral Counseling Center
Drs. Schwall, Davidson and Strenger will facilitate a time of discussion and brainstorming with other faith leaders and youth development professionals and make a plan for taking what you've learned at the Windows to Hope Conference into your community. The discussion time will provide you with practical and creative ideas for encouraging the relational and emotional well-being of the families you serve.

Tony Walker Including All the Colors of the Rainbow: An Exploration of Mental Health Trends and Risks for LGBTQ Youth
Tony Walker, Ph.D., LPC-S
Uplift Education

LGBTQ youth face unique struggles that place them at significantly higher risk for suicide, depression and other serious mental health concerns as compared to their heterosexual peers. This session will explore those mental health challenges and examine research-based interventions and strategies that can be used to help support these youth. An overview of current academic literature on the topic will be included.
meghan Sexting, Inappropriate Content, TMI: Risky Behaviors Youth Are Engaging in Online and How to Prevent It
Meghan Zuraw, J.D.
Texas Regional Office – Dallas, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

More than 80 percent of the 400,000 missing children reports received each year are endangered runaways, and many of these cases start online. Children and teens are posting things they shouldn’t be posting, sharing too much information, and talking to people they don’t know online. However, with proper intervention, risky behaviors can be minimized, and children can learn to appropriately and positively use technology. Participants will learn about the areas of risky online behavior in youth, how to implement proven prevention education with their students, and how to empower adults to talk to children about their online presence.

Ryan Thomas Prevention and Awareness of Relationship Violence among Our Youth
Ryan Thomas
Hope's Door New Beginning Center

This presentation of surprising statistics, types of abuse, associated red flags and other abuse-related behaviors will shed light on the unique aspects of relationship violence experienced by teens and young adults. You will gain a further understanding of the dynamics of dating violence and practical solutions to helping youth identify red flags behaviors, abuser tricks, safety planning, self-worth and the roots of healthy and unhealthy dating relationships.

Vanita-headshot-crop Aftermath: Helping Youth Cope with Grief and Loss
Vanita Halliburton
Grant Halliburton Foundation

When a death or tragedy occurs, the effect on a young person can be significant. Parents, teachers and spiritual leaders play a vital role in helping them process and cope with loss and reach constructive grief resolution. Additionally, when tragedy occurs within a congregation or youth group, the leaders have a critical responsibility to respond quickly with appropriate communications, counseling, and crisis management. In this session, we will discuss the impact of loss on adolescents and specific guidelines for response to crisis, tragedy or death within the faith setting.
Julie Landsaw Protecting Youth from the Damaging Effects of Pornography
Julie Landsaw, MA, LPC-Intern
Mobile Counseling

The effects of early exposure to internet pornography are known to be traumatic and to have long term negative consequences, yet some statistics say 66% of teens are viewing it daily, unbeknownst to their parents. We want to empower those who work with children to be aware of and to provide education, hope and resources to the growing community of children hooked in the addictive cycle of viewing online pornography.
Kimberly Martinez 2 Creating Hope and Healing for Families with Eating Disorders
Kimberly Martinez
The Elisa Project

This workshop is designed to provide community professionals with an overview of essential eating disorders topics and how eating disorders impact family dynamics. By attending this interactive session, you will become empowered to assist and guide families through the healing process.


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