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Thank you for attending Beyond Bullying!

There were many valuable topics covered during the superb keynote by Dr. Judith Allen and the informative breakout sessions that you may find useful in your school, agency, or home.

Be on the lookout! Links to download the keynote and breakout session handouts will be available below soon.

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judith-allen KEYNOTE
Resiliency: Fostering a Strength-Based Approach to Bullying

Judith Allen, Psy.D.

President and CEO
Communities in Schools Dallas Region

What has changed in the way today’s teens react to bullying? Why do they struggle to brush it off? Addressing the needs and motives behind those who bully is the first step in fostering a strength-based approach to bullying. Dr. Allen will address the question of whether social-emotional learning works best with a broad-brush approach or targeted to those with a history of or potential to be a bully. She will also discuss why creating a sense of community versus the “everyone is special” mentality is important.
cami fields headshot (1) LGBTQ Youth: Perceptions, Realities and Risk Factors

Cami Fields, LMSW

Youth First Program Manager
Resource Center

As youth-serving professionals, it's vital that we understand the diverse perspectives of our youth. This breakout will give an overview of how to best serve LGBTQ youth by being culturally competent, being empathetic and being an ally. Attendees will also learn about recent statistics and risk factors that LGBTQ youth face today.
 headshot 2  Entangled in the World Wide Web:
Internet Addictions and How to Help Those Affected

Jeremy Edge, LPC

Pastoral Counseling Center

The internet can be a great tool to escape from the pressures of the world, connect with others, and be entertained. However, online activities can cause impairment physically, socially, and professionally when it becomes the primary focus in one’s life. In this session, attendees will learn how internet addictions entangle people in a fake reality that never fully quenches their endless search for satisfaction.
 Butts Headshot 2  From Bully to Abuser:
The Link Between Bullying and Dating Violence

Courtney L. Butts, LMSW

Program Director
The Family Place––Be Project

Children who are exposed to violence often mimic the behaviors and often adopt social norms that look, sound and feel like bullying. Without intervention, these behaviors will continue into young adulthood as the bully is now using these same tactics to control their dating partner. Let’s discuss how and why this happens and practical ways we can help our students.
img_0398.jpg__1200x900_q75_subsampling-2 3 TACT Student Performance and Discussion

Volunteer High School Students

TeenAge Communication Theatre (TACT)

TACT is a troupe of Dallas-area high school students who write, produce and act out scenarios based on issues relevant to teens. At this conference, TACT will perform three vignettes focusing on bullying, secrets teens keep, and parent/teen communication. After the performance, the TACT students will engage in a discussion with attendees on tough issues facing youth today.

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